Sunday, April 16, 2006

State race.....

Well it didn't go as well as we had hoped....Qulified .408 seconds off the pole.

1st Tippens 12.159
2nd Mize 12.172
3rd Davis 12.298
4th Harper 12.525
5th Walden 12.556
6th Wheeler 12.567
7th Gray 12.837

Air pressure killed us...We wemt out on 5&6...Bradley said we should have been closer to 10&12. Live and learn.

The feature didn't go much better....16-65 gear and only turned 6400-6500 needed to turn 6800....I think part of our problem was motor...I noticed oil getting by just about all the seals and the scaring in the cyclinder wall was showing it's ugly head. We ran close to the back till karts started spinning and got up to 4th or 5th our of 9 (2 karts didn't quilify) We wouldn't have had anything for the Tippins guy...He was a rocket. We turned a 12.30 in the feature I fell like the winner was in the high 11's so we were still close to 4 tenths off. All in all a good learning experence for us. Got to tear down the motor this week and rebuild it.