Sunday, July 23, 2006

Man what a night....

It was not our night.....Had a flat on the trailer on the way to the track and didn't have a spare...Got that fixed and finally made it to the track. Went out for 1st round practice with 22's and was turning low 13's....Just about as fast as any other stocklite kart....Started on the pole for the 2nd heat was leading by 5 or 6 karts lengths when the helicoil pulled out of the bottom exhaust hole....Pipe was just a flopping....Ended up 2nd....Tried to fix it but it came loose again during controlled practice with our new set of HT3's and was a rocket. We put a new heilcoil in and patched it back together for the main....He looked like he was going to be fast but didn't have the chance to find out....Wrecked on the first lap and I think we bent the frame....We watched from the infield as the race went on without us. It was such a sickening feeling looking at our bent kart as the other went by lap after lap....But that wasn't as bad as the look on Devin's face....He took it like a man and we will go on....I just got to come up with around $600 for a new frame rail. Like I said....What a night.


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