Thursday, September 07, 2006

For some reason it seems like it just changed....

Our luck that is....Just found this.....See below....

Speedway Dirt Series:
December 28 - 30:
Volusia Speedway Park, Florida

April 20 - 22:
Margarettsville Speedway, North Carolina

June 8 - 10:
Low Country Kartway, South Carolina - GN

August 10 - 12:
Beechnut Raceway, Tennessee

Sept 14 - 16:
Dexter Raceway, Georgia

That is the 2007 WKA National Dirt Series schedule...

Not sure why but it did....I could just feel it. We may only run the first one, but it helps with most being close...Except Margarettsville that one ain't too close.



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