Saturday, September 16, 2006

Headed to Blueridge to race tomorrow.....

I wish Dexter wasn't 3 hours away....Mr. Carl really knows how to run a track....$100 extra to the winner in any class with 5 or more karts and get this....The track opens for practice at Noon....Racing starts at 6:00 pm. U can't ask for better than that...We will be down that way before the year is up.

This will be our first time back at Blueridge since the second time Devin ever hit the track.....See pics below they were taken that day.....

From what I hear Blueridge is a one groove track with not much run-off-room....? I hope I heard wrong but I don't think so...I trust the info I got. I'm looking forward to the race and hope Devin does me proud....It's there points race and he will drive them as clean as he is driven or he will park the kart. Sounds like we will need soft HT3' are rollin' downstairs as I type...LOL

We need all the practice we can get at diferent tracks....Wish us luck....!!!!!



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