Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I don't like the new WKA tire rule.....

Here is the link....

The guys with deep pockets can figure out which date codes are the best and match sets according to spring rate....They can still have there trailer full of tires set up as many different ways as they can afford...Duplicate sets of course....Test them on the 27th and then use whichever tire combo works best for the Nationals.....I can't do that and neither could they if U still had to get your tires at the track the day of the race.....They will sale more tires and I bet a tester or two now.

Don't get me wrong...We will still be there and it looks like with the help of a couple of sponsor coming on board we Might get to run all the Nationals.....It should be fun....Hey atleast all the "Tires guys" will still have jobs....LOL



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