Thursday, September 07, 2006

Luck.......Is there anything to it.....?

All I know is mine is BAD....If I watch or listen to a Braves game they loose...Seems if we go to the track we loose...I can't help but watch. It just kinda pisses me off....Some say U make your own luck in racing by busting your ass in the shop....Well that is a lie...Cause we busted ours and got it handed to us at 24 Raceway. I guess every race team goes thru hard times and we have had more than our share since the end of July.

24 Raceway was a decent track just very sandy and I throw everything I could think of at it set-up wise and could keep the kart under him....I hope it's not something with the new chassis....We will find out at NGMS this weekend....If we can't run competitively up there then something is wrong. I worked on tires last night and we will re-scale the kart tonight and work on tires some more....On the up side we didn't break anything at 24 and the new generator ran like a dream.

I just needed to rant a little....


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