Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Different take on the WKA Dirt tire rules.....

I'm not trying to pick a fight here....But please direct me to where in the rule book it says "NO PREP".....?

Rule as it is stated on WKA website......

2007 WKA Briggs & Stratton Speedway Dirt Series Tire Rules - updated 11.16.06

Tire Rules

1. Competitors will bring “NEW” mounted or un-mounted spec tires to the event.
2. Tire cutting will not be allowed.
3. Competitors may practice on any set of legal spec tires.
4. Spec tires will be branded at the beginning of each race day.
5. Competitors must qualify and race on the same set of spec branded tires.
6. Competitors may run the same set of spec tires on both days.
7. Tires will be re-branded on the second day of the race event.
8. The JTR Eagle will be used for tire tech on race days.
9. Tire prepping will continue to be controlled by the JTR Eagle.

Key word here is "controlled"....That to me leaves a "Grey area"....Not much different than the tech rule about after market springs and don't forget the billet lifters that everybody uses in the flatheads.

Now if they would automaticaly take one tire from each of the top 5 karts in every class and have them tested....That would stop all prepping.....Does anybody know if WKA even impounded 1 tire from the Daytona race.....?

Let me make one thing very clear here guys.....We didn't use anything but pure water on our tires at Daytona this year.....We were 4 tenth off the pole in Stocklite and missed the main in Med by just 4 hundredths....I don't know how many (if any) that qualified in front of us were using prep.....? A very well know karting guru has recently posted at 4cycle that he believes that even with as little prep that can be used and still get by the sniffer it's worth 2-4 tenths in qualifying.....? I don't know how accurate that is but I do intend to find out for myself when our home track opens, where we can run prep......I don't intend on using anything but water this weekend at the Ga State race....However...If I see it going on and nothing is done to stop it....what am I supposed to do......? To be completely honest I'm not sure what I will decide to do.....? Only two chooses as I see it.....Join them or forget the rest of the State races. Please don't give me the "work on your setup" routine there ain't no way we can give up 2-4 tenths and still be competitive running against the Big Dawgs.....JMO


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