Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our first National.....

Well I'll start with the first day/night race we ran.... We qualified 7th out of 9 in animal lite... Ours was the only kart on HT5's all the rest were on Vega's.... The kart was good on the starts and he jumped to 2nd but of course there was a yellow.... Devin's kart was fast and the other were slower... My guess is the difference in tires.... The Vega's needed a lap or two to come in... He got into a couple of karts in front of him..... He was quick for about 5 laps and then the tires went away and he ended up spinning out and couldn't get it out of the grass.... End of the night for us.

Day 2 was the WKA Stocklite race.... Qualified 17th out of 25... He worked his way up to about 12th and got into another kart.... He bent the RR wheel and the kart went straight to the back and was a handful to even keep on the track.... He pulled off about lap 16 when he got lapped.... I had a talk with him about being too aggressive and that he needed to be more patience.

Day 3 was a heart breaker.... Qualified 28th out of 40 in Stock Medium but they only take the top 20 the rest had to go to 2nd round.... Made some adjustments and the kart got quicker but not quick enough.... Ended up 34th and didn't make the main.... Missed it by 4 hundreds of a second. We left the trailer at the track and went back to pick it up on the first day of the Prep and Cut days at Volusia.... We looked at there times that day for animal med and Devin's time that didn't even make the WKA race was faster than the pole.....? Beats me I guess the track just fell way off.

That's about it for racing....The beach was warm, beer was cold and we had a blast.



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