Sunday, February 04, 2007

State race story....Short version.

I can assure U I have much more to say....Just not ready to type it all in this morning.....

Qualified really bad....7th out of 8 in Lite and 17th out of 18 in Med....We were 1.2 seconds off the pole in one of the classes.....I couldn't figure out what was wrong....So I found someone with a set of good scales and found out our bathroom scale set-up doesn't work to well....Numbers were off and I readjusted some lead and got them where I wanted them....Stocklite was the first race and the kart came to life....Devin turned the second fastest lap of the race but spun right after making the pass for 3rd....He finished 6th. I had to guess where to add the lead we needed to make weight for medium because by that time I couldn't find a set of scales to get on....Kart was still quick but not near as good as Lite...He finished 14.....It was VERY COLD and we didn't leave the track till 10:00 pm.



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