Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well I said I had more to say.....

The sniffer worked well at Daytona.....Yea maybe a few got by. That wasn't the case at the State race......Point blank....? It sucked. Only one tossed on tires.....? BS....ain't no damn way.

I'll give it one more chance at the next one March 31st at NGMS....We were quick without prep and it was very cold....No calcium on the track and it still had ice in it at 11:00am....I can't believe we even got to race.


1. Back the hell up away from where the karts are firing up......It's way to touchie.....It will work right, under the right conditions, if used right.....This past Sat.(2/3/07) it was cold and very windy.....Karts fired up and it set the sniffer off.

2. Reset it every time if that's what it takes.....? No need for arithmetic....Just read the number on the screen and call it out to the girl writing it down so everyone can hear.

3. Get a standard tip and stick with it.

4. Make it well known in advance to all your sponsors that U will toss thier ass if they cheat on tires.....Including Simple Green....Or remove NO PREP from the rule book.....I promise the kart count will go up if U enforce the sniffer rule.

5. The same person should use it all day long.

The sniffer will work.....Just give it a chance.

Now for an idea to draw more locals....Trophie only $10 entry fee...$5 temp membership required to enter....5 kart min. pre-entry to have class added to schedule.....Just for the fun of it....If time doesn't allow just draw number and race....Seems like a good way to get the locals to show up and race without having to run against the State race boys...? No reason Ya'll can't get 300 karts at NGMS on the 31st.....I will do my best to get them there....I really am on your side.



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