Saturday, March 31, 2007

2nd Ga State Stocklite qualifying & race results....

We had a very good run....We set pole by 2 tenths and lead the first 4 laps....Held on to second till the white flag....Spun and still finished 4th.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Falcon territory....

Here is this years pit spot....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

NGMS---Animal Lite 3-24-07 video.....

Here is the start of the race untill the first yellow....

Below is the finish....

Not a bad day at the track for us....Finished 3rd out of 8 and was right there for the lead for the first 12 laps or so....The HT5's did quite nice....Track was coming apart alittle towards the end....? We were not there last week to compair but by the responces I read at I would thing the track was much better this week....Use the blower more often....It's OK if it takes an hour longer to run the show....The track had bite if the dust was blown off.

The gang fresh off the grid.........Smiles on the faces of 3 generations....Makes all the effort worth it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We got work to do.....

We got the new rear bearings on the axle and it back on the chassis...Front spindels are back on it...Still got to reset everything on the front end. Body has to go back on.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fixed body....

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well I found the problem.....

Last race was Mar. 10th and we thought most of the handling problem was because the numbers were off.....WRONG....It was all caused by the wreck that happened early in practice....I didn't think the hit was even hard enough to knock the toe out much less bend a spindle. When I checked the kart on on Sunday I found the toe out 3/8" and the LF caster block was rolled all the way back....No wonder the ass end wouldn't stay under it...Devin even said we should check the toe, but I got busy and forgot...The phrase "Live and learn" doesn't even apply because I know better.

After tearing the front end down I also found that the spindle was bent too...That is about $55 or so....Got to put a new set of rear bearings in the kart to. I think we are gonna try the new seat strut that's another $50. Wanna help....Click the sponsor info link on the right.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sponsor info....

Karting Sponsor needed.....? from Brian Wheeler on Vimeo.

We like to offer alittle something extra to our sponsors....Personal appearances and a link on our website...The kart gets attention everywhere we go and the website is pushing 10,000 hits in the first year...It cost over $100 a race to stay competitive and we need your help to stay up front with the best of them.

There are 4 levels of sponsorships available...

Gold...Silver...Bronze...and Anything goes.

Gold $1500-(2) 24X24 adds on the trailer (2) 12X4 adds on the kart (2) 2 hour long personal appearances at your place of business with kart trailer and driver and (4) free tickets to a race to see us in action.

Silver $1000-(1) 12X24 add on the trailer (1) 4X6 add on the kart (1) 2 hour long personal appearance at your place of business with kart trailer and driver and (2) free tickets to a race to see us in action.

Bronze $500-(1) bumper sticker size add on the trailer (1) 4X4 add on the kart.

Anything goes……You name it…. $20 will get you a handshake and a Thank You from a happy 15 year old racer that will accept any help he can get….. $20,000 will buy you your very own race team that comes with a driver and crew chief.

Please note that due to the high cost of custom graphics one color lettering only for gold and silver sponsors. Bronze sponsors will have to furnish their own graphics. Additional graphic work can be provided at additional cost.

Contact info:
Brian Wheeler
75 McCormick Rd
Cartersville GA 30120
Cell 770-653-9019
Home 770-383-3362

Sunday, March 11, 2007

NGMS-First race of 07....Animal lite.

Not a good race for us....

Heat race...


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Can U build this....?

I do have one thing that I'll add after talking to the guy that let me take pics of his stand....Bump-stops...They will keep the kart and stands from falling or rolling off the stand.

Top view.....

I think I'll use these as feet....

Mr. Leather's can build it....

We did not have a good day at the track...It started going downhill when we opened the door of the trailer as we got to the track and the toolbox had puked it's contents all over the floor....Yea I forgot to bungie it down.

I think the set-up numbers are off...Got to get a scale stand...The ass end just wouldn't stay under the kart...I added rear weight and we moved the LR out and it helped but it didn't completely fix it...The kart hasn't been on a set of scales since the first state race.

Here is the only pic of us we took all day....I'll post some videos maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pulse fitting on the animal....

Here it is...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Opening day report from.....NGMS.

Well the place was packed....Prolly the most karts we have seen other than at a State race or two....New clay is great...No where near as bumpy as I thought it would be...Rodney did a good job putting the new clay down....It will get smoother. We had a good day....One of those days that the kart is quick when we unloaded it and it stayed fast all day with the right tires on it....Only time we were slow was with the HT5's....That is a good thing because the track will pick up a bunch of bite by the State race on the 31st. It was nice to see some of our racing friends and bench race with a few...Nothing like catching up after a long winter....Lot's of new faces...Most of which I guess are comming from Blueridge. Posted below are some pics Jennifer took at the track today...Thanx Baby.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Opening day....NGMS

Well tomorrow is play-day at NGMS....We just about got the kart ready....Still haven't used the new scales....We don't even have a stand...Got to get one....The Smart-tool shipped today...Maybe we will get it tomorrow....? Check back tomorrow night or Sunday morning for pics form opening day.

We got the new button heads installed....They weigh less and look much better....If there is a demand we will start selling a kit with wheel studs....Gear studs (no guard) and a new set of lug nuts.....How's $10 sound.....? I'll post some pics if anybody wants to see them....?

Parking may be a pain this year at NGMS....All of the up close parking is already gone....Free parking will fill up fast, better be there right when the gates open.

This is what the new Animals are gonna look like...We still have to have the cover powder coated....Not sure what color.