Sunday, April 01, 2007

2nd Ga State race.....

It took awhile to get the track rolled in and then it was ruff....Rodney brought out the road grader and took most of the ruff spots out...Man the track was fast right after he graded it....Devin's group was the first to hit the track after he graded it and he was turning laps in the mid 12's.....The track slowed down atleast a second, but didn't come apart at all this week with quite a few karts on it.

Devin just over drove the kart in the feature alittle and heated up the tires too much....By the end of the race he was wicked loose and just couldn't hold on to it anymore...He got way loose coming out of 4 and Green got under him....Both karts were sliding and Devin went spinning. Good clean racing between a couple of local boys....That's the way it goes sometimes....Still looking for a top 3 finish this year at a State race.


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