Sunday, June 17, 2007

4th GA State Stocklite feature race.....

We set outside pole in Stocklite....Tippens set pole.....Devin fell in right behind Tippens on the first start...It was waved off.....He took the lead on the second start....He didn't stay upfront for long....Tippens went by him on the 2nd lap and Walden and Ridley got by to.....Then Walden and Ridley got in the loose stuff on the back stretch and Devin got back by both of them...By this time Tippens had checked out and Devin did a good job of holding onto to 2nd.....Until they were coming to the white flag and Devin made one small mistake and both Ridley and Walden got back by him.....Devin ended up finishing 4th.....All in all a good run for us.


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