Sunday, June 03, 2007

We opened up a few dates on our racing calendar tonight....

We had another night at NGMS that left me scratching my head.....I thru everything I had at the track and still couldn't get the damn tires to bite after it dried out.....? We even ran med to just to see if we could get anything to work.....Nope....We had another Falcon driver offer sticker tires to run in the Med feature to see if they would work....They wouldn't stick.....Tried very sticky Vega's....They wouldn't stick.....So after running 3rd in the heat with a set of T3's in Lite we went back to those same tires for the Lite feature and went straight to the back....Beats the hell out of me....? We won't race the rest of the points....Just try to figure it out on non-points night....Maybe hit a day race where the track will have some bite.



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