Sunday, July 01, 2007

First trip back to NGMS in almost a month....

Well we ran Lite and Med and put different tires on just about every time we hit the track....The track had more bite last night than it's had all year except for maybe the first 2 or 3 day races at the beginning of this season.....They are not going to put the pond water on it anymore.....They think that might be part of the problem....The pond was very low and what water was left looked "THICK"....

We actually got faster as the night went on....That was a first for us this year at a night race.....Kart count was alittle low...Maybe 40-50 entries.....The score tower problems were solved....Everything ran smoothly.

We won Lite and finished 3rd in Med....It took us untill the Lite feature to really figure out the tires....We turned a 12.91.....Right about the same times Kevin Young turned in the med feature.

We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves even though we worked our tail ends off....No help just me and Devin....No pics or videos....Jennifer stayed home.

We will be back there next weekend for the 5th GA State race....



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