Monday, July 02, 2007

Killer 305....

This is the bad boy that ran in the FL Allstars that had everyone talking...

305 built by Norman Wilford (Stormin' Norman)
3.150" bore (steel bore), JE Piston
+.200" stroke, ARC Billet Crank
ARC 305 Rod
ARC Billet Sidecover
ARC Billet Flywheel
PC 300 Cam
33mm Mikuni w/accel pump
Robertson's Open/Flared Header
Block has girdles welded/braced to it
Missler Pushrods (customized to this motor by Norman)
CUSTOM 305 head with:
-1.450" Titanium Int. Valve
-1.250" SS Exhaust Valve
-Custom Roller Rockers
-Custom Made intake, blended, matched to head
AND comes with:
3rd Bearing Block Support
AND 3 disc Bully Clutch

Norman said he was sure the first thing people would ask is, "how much HP does it make", the answer is, don't know, never been on the dyno. But take my word on it, and ask anyone in the FL Allstars, this is the ONLY 305 I have personally laid my eyes on that would run with the BIG HP 2 cycle karts. This IS the 4 cycle engine you need to run at the front of the UAS races. And it is dependable too.

Yes, there are bigger bore motors. Yes, there are more modified motors out there. THIS motor stays together AND has proven to run at the front with the best of the best.

This motor, 3rd bearing, and 3 disc Bully clutch is a STEAL at $3,200.

PM me, email me at, or call me at 904-210-8351 for more info.


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