Saturday, August 04, 2007

Getting ready for Dexter......

Trying to find a motel to stay in....We are going to stay overnight at Dexter the weekend of Aug. 11th and practice on Sunday....Too far to drive and just get one night in....We owe a big THANK YOU to Mr. Carl for letting us run some on Sunday. We should have a pretty good idea of set-up and should really only need fine tuning with the HT5's....Biggest question is how much grip will we have to get with set-up with the T5's.....? I can free it up but I think we will have to tighten it up....? I expect the track to get dusty/sandy for the National and need more grip...I think after the win at North Ga for the State race we have proved that we can tighten-up a Falcon...Question will be...How much is too much....? It's funny having to set it up to be slow in order to turn better lap times....? I know it just doesn't add up....But there is times that it works.



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