Sunday, August 19, 2007

It blew....

So did our night at the track....Rod broke about lap 42....I can say this much atleast he stayed with it.

We were about 3 tenths off the pace....22 karts started the 50 lap Animal 360 race at NGMS and only 10 were still on the track when the rod just couldn't take any more of the bouncing coming out of 4....He was pretty good in 1&2....I think our tires were too soft....we decided to grid them and see if we could get some of the prep out of them....It worked....Qualified with a 12.90 turned a 12.62 in the race....Leaders were turning high 12.20's--low 12.30's.....We seem to always be 3 tenths slow at NGMS.


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