Sunday, October 28, 2007

We got our 2008 Falcon ordered....

It's pretty much the same as our 06 that we just sold....We just wanted a new one for next years WKA races....I hope to get atleast one race on the kart before we head to Daytona.

I called about staying at the same condo this year that we stayed in last year.....It was already booked.....I asked her to please call if the other party backed out....She called about a week ago, we got the same place we had last year.....Here is a pic Jennifer took the morning we left.....If the weather is half as good as it was last year it will be great.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This looks like it could be a fun class.....

( New )BS Class ( Box Stock Class )

FKA Racing, Inc. introduces a new Box Stock class for the 2008 season. The intent is to have an affordable class that anyone can ride and have fun. This class will participate in the points system and a champion awarded a leather jacket at the end of the season. It will also be part of the senior classes that pays out money after each race. It should prove to be an exciting class. We will monitor our rules and if necessary adjust accordingly. Anyone is welcome to copy and use part or all of our listed rules on the BS class.

The following rules apply to the new BS Class:

Must meet FKA age criteria for Senior classes to race this class. Must be 15 years of age by October 2008.

Weight for BS Class: Minimum 375 lbs.

Spec engine: 6.5 ( OHV ) This is the only engine allowed for the BS Class.

Call Jimmy Sims for engine information: 386-938-4211

The engine can be purchased for under $200

The only modifications allowed to the engine are: You can disconnect or remove the governor. You can disconnect the oil sensor and off/on switch.

Gasoline Only: no higher than 93 octane rating. ( to be checked with -digatron fuel meter )

Spec Tires: Maxxis EL tires Only ( $155 set ). You will only need one set!

Spec Clutch: Shoe type clutch Only, Noram, Max Torque, etc. ( clutches range in price $35 - $85. Clutch driver must be a 16 tooth. You can run any back gear. 35 chain only.

Claimer Rule: As a participate in the class, you may purchase any engine that finishes ahead of you for $200 ( minus the clutch/chain guard/throttle kit ). The engines in this class will be teched by FKA tech officials the same as any other class ( FKA tech rules apply ). Anyone refusing to sell their engine ( by the claimer rule ) will be disqualified and not allowed to race ( in the BS Class ) for the remainder of the season!

You can purchase Maxxis EL tires for $155 a set.

Contact me with any questions:

386-938-4211 office 386-303-1533 cell

Thank you for supporting FKA Racing!

Jimmy Sims

Note: If enough interest is shown we would start a 325lb. lite BS class.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Anybody wanna buy a Falcon.....?

Too late it's already SOLD....

We are getting a new 2008 Falcon....