Thursday, December 20, 2007


I agree with Gene on this one....Almost everyone that races a kart is/was/or will be affected by what WKA does.....If they folded who would take over the rule book....? How many tracks are not gonna use the WKA 2008 tech manual next year.....? How many tracks use the AKRA motor rules.....? It does mater and they will listen if U make enough noise.....I can be very loud when I need to be.

I filled Jimmy Rivers ear full at the last Ga State race about my amazement over the stupid valve lenght rule that was to take effect this year starting at Daytona, I also sent plenty of e-mails....Guess what they listened and now the rule has been dropped.

When this years tire rules were posted on the WKA website they didn't clearify that it was thick HT3's only for Daytona....So I sent some more e-mails and contacted my new 4cycle rep and voiced my opinion that the rule need clarifying....Well they listened again and I'm a nobody as far as WKA knows.

However I think Hotdog is dead on with his post about WKA catering to the kart shops and a certain few race teams....Why....? Because they thing if the tick them off they will take there ball and go home....They really need the sponsor money I guess....? I've seen this with my own eyes at Dexter and the tire cutting that was allowed to skirt by....When they were called out about it all they did was start fussing about being called cheats....One guy was being very obnoxious at the grid talking to the WKA tech officals....They wouldn't stand up to him...It took a local lady that works at Dexter to tell the guy to calm down and walk away or she would have him removed because, in her words...."Nobody is allowed to talk like that at Dexter I don't care who U are"....He walked away.

I think for WKA to get the numbers back anywhere close to where they used to be they have to give up trying to be the pro series and come to terms with the fact they are really more like the amature series....Drop the entry fees and enforce the rules no mater who it is that's caught breaking them....More karters like us will show up.....Let the big boys race for the money....We race for leather.



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