Wednesday, January 02, 2008

WKA tire rule idea.....?

They need to limit the tires to one set per class and require that they be branded before any karts hit the track, I don't care what the rest of the rules are.....The Sniffer was beat by Hotlap applied at the track at this National....ask anybody that was there....some pushed it too far and got caught.....Mr. Tim Ridley was not there running the sniffer, Buck was doing the branding and I think his Granddad was running the sniffer at the grid.....We ran 6th so we never went thru post race tech, I don't know who was running that one....It didn't work to catch what 90% of the teams there would have been using if it was an open prep rule anyway....I think the sniffer works much better in a controlled environment....It seemed to catch plenty of tires at the Ga State races after the impound was emplemented, only problem was they let them replace the ones that were reading to high...I could kinda understand replacing one tire if the rest of the set was legal but if that set reads high U don't get a second chance....It should be DQ for that class.....WKA needs to do some testing and see if the sniffer really works are not....Ya'll need to learn to use it or throw it away.....If it can't catch Hotlap it ain't worth squat.



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