Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maxxis Ga State race May 17th......

Another 7th place finish for us....Qualified 7th with a 14.983 pole was 14.727 finished 7th and didn't get but a tenth faster...Bradley won it and got alot faster...His fast time was a 14.449

The kart would not stay in the groove coming out of the turns...Devin said it felt tight going in....I know now what I should have done.....Atleast we learned something.....We had plenty of HP.

Here are some pics I took before the races started....

Here are some pics of the best kart buggy made....Rolls like a charm and even has a break to keep it from rolling off when it's parked. Contact Griffin with Rebel Fabricators for more info....706-618-9801


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