Friday, May 09, 2008

We finally got to run at Peachstate....

We didn't have a good one....

Qualified 10th out of 14 Devin went a 16.68 and I think the pole was close to a flat 16.

Made some adjustments to the kart and worked the hell out of a set of tires and got faster for the main.....Finished 7th Devin's fast time was 16.19 the two lead karts fast lap was 16.00.

The kart wouldn't stay running on the track when they stopped them to re-line them back up after a false start....He had to be recranked 2 times and started in the back......I was down close to turn 1&2 when all this happened because I wanted to see if the kart was doing the same down there as it was in 3&4.....My mistake...Devin was none to happy with me....LOL He jumped to about 8th right off the bat and stayed there for a few laps till he got just alittle too high in the groove in 3&4 and slide off the track going down the front straight....He did hold on and didn't spin but lost about 1/2 a track on the lead group.

Peachstate had no bite in it at all...Kinda reminds me of North Ga.

We scaled the kart out before we even washed it so we should have a better baseline to work from at the next Maxxis State race over there in June.

It's now time to get ready for the double points race at Carnesville next weekend....Headed to Jimmy's tomorrow evening to work on the motor....I fixed the warped head and that stopped most of the leak on the exhaust valve side....Cylinder wall looked good and the rings held good....Got a thing or two to try on the dyno.



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