Friday, June 20, 2008

Hope we have a better run this weekend......?

Headed back to our home track for only the second time this year....Yea I know...How can it be your home track if U have only ran there twice this year....? It just is.

We ran like crap at the last Ga Maxxis race.....13th our of 33 in Animal Pro and 15th out of 20 in Animal med....We only ran Pro to try to figure out what to run in Med.....Needless to say it didn't work. This may be the first time I have no clue what was wrong...We had new tires and the new Bully clutch pulled like a mule....Set-up should have been close gearing was right....I really don't know....?

That's why we are headed back to Dawgwood to get our mojo back....Even if we run in the back it always seems to help to go back home and run a few laps.



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