Sunday, June 22, 2008

It worked.....

Had some good runs at Dawgwood last night....Ran 3rd in the Animal lite heat and 2nd in Animal med. We finished 2nd in Animal lite and it rained the Med feature out so we got 2nd place money in both classes....Best part is we made some good decisions with set-up, gearing and TIRES.....It's just like Bradley says...."It's all about the tires..." Devin drove the wheels off of it all night long. We got pretty fast too...He was in the 12.50's for the lite feature. I didn't Kevin any faster then in the 12.40's but he may have gotten into the 12.30's once or twice. This was the best night race we have had at Dawgwood in years....The track was good and smooth and didn't get dusty, it still didn't have a whole lot of bite but was much better than it was last year.



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