Thursday, July 03, 2008

How to fix a fiberglass kart body.....

Start with a broken body....That's the easy part. I had to hunt this piece down after the races were over....The corner worker had thrown it off the side of the track.

Supplies....Resin and hardener, blue painters tape, rubber gloves, paint brush, scissors, fiberglass mat, mixing bowl and stick to stir the resin with.

Match the piece back up the best U can and use blue painters tape to hold it in place...Tape it on the front side only.

Cut a piece of fiberglass mat to fit the area and dry fit it before mixing the resin.

Read the directions for the proper mixing of the resin and hardener....

Use a cheap paint brush to apply the resin the the back side and then place the fiberglass mat on the area and brush more resin on top of the mat until it is totally saturated.

I like to roll the tape over the edge to help rebuild the missing edge....It works pretty well....Let dry and then remove the tape.

Now it just needs a little touch up paint.



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