Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peachstate is just not our track....

Another bad run at Peachstate, although he was very fast during the last round of practice and the kart handled better than it ever has before at that track....It went down hill from there. First I twisted my ankle pretty bad but kept on walking on it until we packed up the trailer.....It was worse than I thought, Doc says I broke a bone in my foot.

I guess I made the wrong calls for qualifying, we slowed down from a FT of 15.92 during last round practice to 16.24 for qualifying....That put us 12th out of 15. I was hoping to pick up a couple tenths not slow down....Pole was a 15.55

We have never qualified good at Peachstate.....

The main was the worst part of the night.....Devin made a good move and jumped to the inside and picked up 3 or 4 spots at the start of the race....A couple karts got back by going down the back straight and he got hung up on the outside which let the karts running in the rear catch up....Next time by in 3 and 4 a kart got under him and proceeded to drive him up the track out of the groove....Devin spun and as he was going around clipped the other kart and it spun to....I guess somehow the other driver felt all that was Devin's fault and proceeded to ram there kart into Devin's as they got back on the track...Devin was setting still facing the wrong direction when this happened.....Well at some point during all that the valve stem on the LF got pulled out of the rim and it went flat....The kart was junk after that and Devin got out of the way and let the leaders fly by....Next time in turn 3 & 4 he got kart-hopped and it bent the exhaust pipe over into the RR and the smoke flew....He just pulled off the track past the flagstand and our night was over.....Devin handled the situation like a man, I can't say the same for the other driver involved in the first wreck....They had a few choice words for Devin after the race was over when Devin walked by there pits....That's alright we will be ready for the last Ga Maxxis race at Peachstate and we will have our heads held high.



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