Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Big changes coming in karting next season....

Tri-State is morphing into a full blown National Series with more big players involved besides Troy Duncan....Look for lower entry fees and less cash payout, but more prizes futher back into the field....I was told more in-depth details but I'm not gonna spill all the beans or be the first to post any of this at 4cycle.

Look for more local tracks to go to a Maxxis tire rule and be involved in the Big Gun series....I wish Dawgwood would get the other races instead of Peachstate and I'm sure Carnesville will still have there far share.

If U have a limited motor better sale it now....Won't be any series running them on dirt next year....I hear both Big Gun and what used to be Tri-State are dropping the Limited class next year....Bad part is that's what we were planning on running next season.

That's about I can tell right now and I prolly shouldn't even tell this....But hell nobody reads this site anyway....LOL



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