Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's the tires.....

I have heard Bradley tell us that countless times, we have listened and tried to up our tire game.....Well to be honest we are not so good with tires and we found out just how bad last night at the final Ga Maxxis race at Peachstate.

We got our butts handed to us again come qualifying time.....Turned a 16.65 in last round practice with our new right side HT3's prepped with what I figured would work...Devin was pretty fast compaired to the other karts and I thought we were finally gonna break the Peachstate qualifying jinks....WRONG they only lasted one round and fell way off for qualifying went a 17.05 and qualified 11th out of 14.... Tires would just not stick and even when we went 16.65 the kart was still a handful to drive.....So Devin went to talk with Bradley about tires.....He offered a set he had ran in practice that had 2 or 3 races on them for us to run....We took him up on the offer and finished 8th with a FT of 16.05 Bradley ran a very close 2nd and turned a FT of 15.8 or so.....The kart really came to life with Bradley's tires, it settled down and was much faster. It was really like night and day and tires were the only change we made.

Bradley really knows his tires and he now has another tire customer.

Thank you Bradley for letting us borrow the tires...



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