Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get the full version DVD just $10......

Here is a complete race....Jr Sportsman Champ. The DVD will be much better quality.

Jr Sportsman Champ from Brian Wheeler on Vimeo.

Wheeler Racing (well mostly Devin) will be shooting a DVD at the last Tri-State race.....Some stuff in the pits and miscellaneous track footage plus all of the Pro classes, UAS and Jr. Sportsman Champ. Those will be the only whole races on the DVD.

Here comes the unique part...We will accept no money upfront for the DVD's....Just give us your address and we will send U the DVD in the mail....If U think it's worth the asking price which will be $10 then just put the money in the self addressed envelope that will be sent with the DVD and drop in the mail. If U are not happy with the DVD just put it in the same envelope and send it back.

I have read one to many horror stories about race DVD's taking months and months.....These should be ready in about 2 or 3 weeks.

We will have a table set-up at the P&R Photos booth with all the info and sheets to leave us your address on if U are interested or U can send me a PM at www.4cycle.com my screen name is Wee

We should have some teaser videos posted here in about a week or so.



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