Sunday, March 22, 2009

Promo and Sponsor search videos

For more info contact Devin Wheeler....

Wheeler Racing (well mostly Devin) shot a DVD at the last Tri-State race of 2008.....Some stuff in the pits and miscellaneous track footage plus all of the Pro classes, and Jr. Sportsman Champ. Those will be the only whole races on the DVD.

Here is a complete Jr Sportsman Champ race from last Tri-State race of 2008..... The DVD is be much better quality.

Jr Sportsman Champ from Brian Wheeler on Vimeo.

We should have some teaser videos posted here in about a week or two of the 10,000 to win Pro Stock race and the Jr. Big Dog races.

He also shots product demo videos....Here are a couple he did for Rebel Fabricators.

Rebel Fabricators Ultimate Bead Breaker from Brian Wheeler on Vimeo.



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