Thursday, July 16, 2009

Headed to Dawgwood for a money race....

Saturday started off well....Got the kart back on the scales after Devin had it all back together and the numbers were dead on....We didn't move any lead all night long or touch any adjust....Just worked on the tires....Scuffed the new ones in the last two rounds of practice....Stuck the older of the two new sets on for qualifying in animal lite and set the pole with a 12.50

Animal med qualifying didn't go as well....Went with the newest set and they just wouldn't stick....He still went a 12.58 but the kart was a handful....Qualified 10th out of 16 in Animal Med.

Animal med money race was first...Started on the outside and got shuffled back on both starts....Kart picked up some speed but the leaders were gone Devin pulled of about half way thru to save motor and tires and get ready for lite....That was a much better race he got a good start but got loose and 2 karts got back by....He stayed close and with in about 5 laps was back by both of them in the lead again.....Jackson Holland made a late race run at him but had motor problems....Devin won by half a track or more.....Fast time was a 12.24

No pics...We forgot the camera.

Here is the fast lap of the med race...



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