Monday, July 05, 2010

Dawgwood on the 4th of July....

We made our way up to Dawgwood Speedway for the Maxxis Meltdown $2000 to win Animal 360 race on July the 4th....Competition is always tuff at Dawgwood but this race brought out some big dawgs from states away...Had the best qualifying run in a big money race ever....7th out of 29 and only .17 of a second off the pole...Damn good effort....The feature started out really well too...Got a good start and jumped to 3rd but the caution came out and we had to go single file....On the restart he jumped to 4th in about a lap or two and held his ground for 10 or 15 laps...Then he got just alittle loose and 2 karts got by him....He ran 6th a few more laps and then got a bump from behind and around he went....That was it for our run at 2 grand but atleast we were fast.

Looking forward to the next big money race on the 31st....It pays $4000 to win....We need a sponsor in order to run that one.

Here is the video for the animal 340 race...Ended up finishing 5th....Had a better kart than that...Turned a 11.83 fast time.



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