Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dawgwood last race of the season....

3rd in lite. 5th in heavy raced and qualified the same set of tires all night long. They just didn't hold up for the heavy race. Kart was fast all night long

Pretty good in qualifying 2nd lite.... 4th in heavy...

Above was posted at the track on my iphone as was the qualifying sheet pics....I will do more of this when we race from now on....Now for the rest of the story...I have been nursing a hurt back for about 2 months....Seems it really kicked back up after the Aug $4000 to win race....We bent the Firehawk that night after qualifying 7th out of a field of 47 Most of the big dogs were there. Devin was running in the top 10 when the caution came out...Devin checked up but the kart behind him didn't and it bent the LR frame rail up about 3/4"....Got a new rail and Devin went to the track with the help of a friend and finished 6th in both lite and heavy out of 18....Not bad for a kid that does his own tires...

This was the first trip back to the track for me since Aug. and we had to have help with teh kart again....Thanx Taylor couldn't have done it without U....It was really strange for me to be there but be on the grid with the kart....Most nervous I have been in years....? Everything turned out good and the kart was on a rail from the get-go...Most of the time that's not such a good thing being fast right out of the trailer but it worked out this time....We only made a slight change in cross and that was before even hitting the track...Ran the same gear all night and only took off weight for lite....If it wasn't for the bump in 2 I think he could have won lite....The tires just gave up in heavy....We asked too much from them.



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