Saturday, December 17, 2011

2nd Winter points race at Dawgwood....

The day started with the carb puking alky....Put a new needle in it and it was still doing it....Had to put a new float in it and that fixed that problem....Qualifying was just as bad....Last in lite and only 4th in heavy....The lite race started with a bang and not the good kind....Bang went the kart when 2 karts spun in front of Devin and he couldn't miss them....Bent the caster block and stripped the bolt out of the bottom....No one had an extra at the track so Devin took the hammer to it and straightened it back out and put a longer bolt in the stripped out hole....It held together and he drove it to a 2nd place finish in heavy....That puts him in 2nd for points in heavy....Man what a day....I got to say I was quite proud of the way Devin handled himself today...Even with all the problems, he kept a cool head and just did what it took to race.



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