Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Winter Series at Dawgwood Speedway....

I think the following from Devin posted at 4cycle says it pretty well....

Thank You

I have been waiting along time to make this post... we have raced for the last 11 seasons and have finally won our first championship... due to work schedules it has been hard to compete in every race in a series and we finally got the opportunity to compete in Dawgwood Speedway's 2011/2012 winter points series.

We won Animal 375 and finished second in Animal 340.

So thanks are in order to a lot of people who helped make this possible!

First of all my stepmom Jennifer thanks for putting up with our constant racing discussion and all the time we have spent in the shop. As well as all the support thank you.

My grandfather for working so hard in the pits helping us to get back out on the track and for washing countless sets of tires.

Jimmy Glenn for helping us out so much when we started, honestly one of the most helpful people we have meet in karting and I know we would have never made it this far with out his help. as well as keeping us supplied with Caramac racing oils.

Brad Gerrells of Southern Express Kart Shop for building the fantastic Firehawk chassis, the awesome motors, as well as the great BGR tire treatments, and all the support. Best factory support in the industry.

On Brad's chassis, motors, and tire preps we had two wins, two seconds and two fourth place finishes in animal heavy with fast times in almost every race.

Also have to thank Griffin Kinsey of Rebel Fabricators, not only for building awesome products, but also for being a great competitor.

Travis York of Extreme Graphics for keeping the kart always looking good.

Mark Mancinelli for all of his help.

Taylor Cole and his family for all their help at the track and through the week in the shop. Congrats as well to Taylor for dominating Animal super heavy and winning that championship on a Southern Express powered Falcon as well.

Rodney and the crew of Dawgwood speedway for giving us a great place to race.

Last and certainly not least I have to think my Dad for all the help its been along time coming for this championship and its because of his hard work that we won. absolutely can't thank him enough. all the hours in the shop all the money spent and all the effort put into our racing. I didn't win the championship WE won the championship.

So after my oscar worthy speech lol I just have to thank all the people that helped make this possible.

Animal 375 final points standings....

Animal 340 final points standings....

It didn't come easy....On more than one occasion this season the race day started out real slow but we kept working at it and ended up sitting on the front row after qualifying...Then the wreck in 340 that tore the RF just about off the kart...Took the hammer to the caster block and some how got the kart back on the track for the 375 feature and finished 2nd....Then it's the last race of the year and the motor blew on the last lap of practice with only 2 classes to qualify before 340 we got the motor swapped out and were only 5 hundredths off the pole. Ended up finishing 3rd in lite and 4th in heavy after he drove a very conservative race because at that point only a black flag for ruff driving could have cost him the Championship....He kept his cool and just drove.

One proud Dad...

Animal 375 qualifying results...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Final race of the Dawgwood 2012 Winter series....

Saturday Feb. 25th is the last race of the Winter season at Dawgwood Speedway....Some may say we are crazy for running the last race in Animal Heavy because Devin has the Championship wrapped up and only a DQ in this last race could cost him the title....Sit it out and the win is in the bag....But the racer in him says lets run it...No need to run for points, just the win.

Now Animal lite is a different ballgame....We need to finish in front of both Griffin and Cope to just finish 2nd....Ridley has the title wrapped up.

Looks like if things go our way tomorrow we can afford to get the motor rebuilt to get ready for the Summer season....Winter has been good to us.

Some pics and video from the 5th race are can be seen below....These were taken from my new Kodak ZX3 camcorder....Not bad for a $70 camera. Too bad it rained out the heavy race...We had our best tires on for that run.

Animal lite 5th Winter points race Dawgwood...


Monday, February 20, 2012

To race or not to race.....?

That is the question....


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Devin's version of "What I do...."