Friday, February 24, 2012

Final race of the Dawgwood 2012 Winter series....

Saturday Feb. 25th is the last race of the Winter season at Dawgwood Speedway....Some may say we are crazy for running the last race in Animal Heavy because Devin has the Championship wrapped up and only a DQ in this last race could cost him the title....Sit it out and the win is in the bag....But the racer in him says lets run it...No need to run for points, just the win.

Now Animal lite is a different ballgame....We need to finish in front of both Griffin and Cope to just finish 2nd....Ridley has the title wrapped up.

Looks like if things go our way tomorrow we can afford to get the motor rebuilt to get ready for the Summer season....Winter has been good to us.

Some pics and video from the 5th race are can be seen below....These were taken from my new Kodak ZX3 camcorder....Not bad for a $70 camera. Too bad it rained out the heavy race...We had our best tires on for that run.

Animal lite 5th Winter points race Dawgwood...



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