Friday, June 21, 2013

Straight Talk.....Had it 2 months and no problems until 2 day ago....?

My wife and I both switched from the god awful ATT network to Straight Talk about 2 months ago.....Both of us have the iPhone 5. Both have worked flawlessly until Tuesday June 18th 2013 when mine decided to take a dump....No 3g....Calls in and out didn't work either....Spent 3 hours in the last 2 days on my work phone trying to get this issues resolved....They reset my service on thier end and I do the *22890 thingie and guess what.... It works for about an hour or two then it's back to not making or recieving calls again. Today I finally got the ST tech to escalate my problem up the line....I'll give them a day or two get this wrked out....See below for the difference in service between my wife's phone and mine....Yep you guessed it mines the one with no service.


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