Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blowing alky out the puke tube....?

No I didn't have too many beers....This in on our new animal motor with only dyno time on it....Ran good on the dyno....Wouldn't run after hitting the track....It cut out no matter where on the track it was....Wouldn't run full throttle for more than 1/3 of a lap (1.5 mile oval).

There was alky coming out the puke tube and alky in the oil when we changed it today....Took the carb apart today and couldn't find anything wrong inside...Nothing stopped up...Put it back together and found an empty parking lot....Still did it.

Float is set at .850 and when I pulled the plug there was alky on top of the piston.

I'm pretty sure it's getting too much fuel....I plan on moving the needle down one notch...It's in the middle slot now.

If that doesn't work what should I try next....?



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