Saturday, March 10, 2007

Can U build this....?

I do have one thing that I'll add after talking to the guy that let me take pics of his stand....Bump-stops...They will keep the kart and stands from falling or rolling off the stand.

Top view.....

I think I'll use these as feet....

Mr. Leather's can build it....

We did not have a good day at the track...It started going downhill when we opened the door of the trailer as we got to the track and the toolbox had puked it's contents all over the floor....Yea I forgot to bungie it down.

I think the set-up numbers are off...Got to get a scale stand...The ass end just wouldn't stay under the kart...I added rear weight and we moved the LR out and it helped but it didn't completely fix it...The kart hasn't been on a set of scales since the first state race.

Here is the only pic of us we took all day....I'll post some videos maybe tomorrow.


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