Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well I found the problem.....

Last race was Mar. 10th and we thought most of the handling problem was because the numbers were off.....WRONG....It was all caused by the wreck that happened early in practice....I didn't think the hit was even hard enough to knock the toe out much less bend a spindle. When I checked the kart on on Sunday I found the toe out 3/8" and the LF caster block was rolled all the way back....No wonder the ass end wouldn't stay under it...Devin even said we should check the toe, but I got busy and forgot...The phrase "Live and learn" doesn't even apply because I know better.

After tearing the front end down I also found that the spindle was bent too...That is about $55 or so....Got to put a new set of rear bearings in the kart to. I think we are gonna try the new seat strut that's another $50. Wanna help....Click the sponsor info link on the right.



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