Sunday, May 20, 2012

600 SQFT of real hardwood floor......

Well we started today on laying 600 feet of 3/4" unfinished white oak flooring....I got 350 sqft free but needed another 250 and finding some that match was quite the chore...Brought it home Friday and started taking up the carpet in the living room today....It was glue down carpet and it's gonna be a pain to take up....The kids are gonna bring home some kind of machine to help get it up....Let's just say they did a REAL good job putting it down and thank god they are gonna get the padding and glue up. I'll take lot's of pics of the process so stay tuned.

2nd night working on the floor...Got all the carpet up in the living room with Devin's help....Man what a mess.....This is some serious glue.... I may have to put 1/4 inch luan plywood down....The glue really stuck to the wafer board plywood the contractor used 14 years ago when the house was built....Still got to get the carpet up in the bedroom.

Jennifer has done a jamb up job at getting everything off the walls and packed up...So far we are ahead of the game.

Got most of the padding up tonight....Still got some little pieces to get up and take care of the sticky glue....I figured out baby powder works real good at taking the sticky away....Then the little stuff will sweep right up.

Got all 600 feet of flooring brought up from the shed tonight....We had to put it in Avery's room...Just no where else to put it. It needs about 3 days in the environment it's gona be installed in
before it's laid. I also took some better pictures tonight with the Sony cam....It takes killer pics but sucks at video.....I may do some time lapse video when I start to lay the flooring.

Got about 150 SQFT laid yesterday....Leveling the floors took 2 1/2 days....They were in a mess....Took as much as 1/2" plywood to build up in some places....Couldn't have did it without Daddys help.

Had a really productive day....We are close to the finish line....The flooring lined up great thru the door from the bedroom to the living room. I hope we can finish it tomorrow.

We will finish today...The guy is coming tomorrow to sand and poly the floors.

5/31/12 pm

It took 3 generations to do it but we Got-R-Done...I need to thank both my Dad and Son for all the help...If it wasn't for them I would have never got it finished. The guy is coming in the morning to sand and poly.

Sneak peek....They sanded and got the first coat of poly on today.... 2 more to go and it's finished.

First I have to say happy birthday to Devin....He turned 21 today. Thank you for being such a great kid and thank you for the help with the floors. 2nd coat of poly went on today and it's looking really good, much more color coming out in the wood than I expected....A pleasant surprise.



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