Thursday, March 13, 2008

How we purge our animal motor.....

Step by step....

1. Drain the bowl and disconnect the fuel line from the tank.

2. Take the sparkplug out and turn the motor over until all the alky is out of the fuel lines.

3. Run the fuel line U just took off the tank and put it in the gallon of premixed gas and Marvel Mystery Oil, with the sparkplug still out turn the motor over again until the mixture reaches the carb.

4. Put the sparkplug back in and crank the motor.....Let it run for about 30 seconds or until it starts to smoke.

5. Drain the gas from the carb and fuel lines, then take the sparkplug back out and squirt some of the oil U run in the motor down the hole.....Turn the motor over a few times and put the plug back in....Turn the motor over by hand till it's on the compression stroke....Your done. Don't forget to put the drainplug back in the bowl of the carb.

It works for us and should for Ya'll as well.

PS.....Always turn your animal over by hand until it's on compression stroke every time U run it....It's best if the valves stay in the closed position unless it's running.



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