Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stocklite win at Dawgwood....3-16-08

Had the wrong front gear on up until right before Mid round practice....Tried about everything on the tires but figured out what worked by the Stocklite feature.....Turned a 11.81 FT and that was with 3 race old Maxxis....The other 4 karts had on RS Firestones.....The 99 kart that Devin passed for the lead had sticker Stones....I don't know what they had in them we have never had a set of Stones.....Griffin says they are atleast 2 tenths faster than Maxxis....That 2 tenths would have put us alot closer to the front runners in med. Hit the tires coming off 4 in med was running pretty good but not a threat for a win.....Got some great advice from Griffin and made a change or two for lite and it paid off....Devin should have The Rebel Fabricators Ultimate bead breaker video done this week....I'll post a page here on our blog to the info about it...It's really the best I have ever seen.

Below is the raw footage...I'll make a shorter version and post it as the main video when I have time, but I'll keep a link to this one in the same post.


Dawgwood Speedway----Stocklite win. from Brian Wheeler on Vimeo.


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