Saturday, September 30, 2006

Check out the LF.....

I'm not sure who the guy is but the pic was taken by a photographer at Volusia...I kinda stole the pic to post here but here is the link to his website.....

Click here....

Looks like one fast track for the Daytona WKA Nationals this year....No more racing on the junky limestone track of years past.....I can't wait.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I don't like the new WKA tire rule.....

Here is the link....

The guys with deep pockets can figure out which date codes are the best and match sets according to spring rate....They can still have there trailer full of tires set up as many different ways as they can afford...Duplicate sets of course....Test them on the 27th and then use whichever tire combo works best for the Nationals.....I can't do that and neither could they if U still had to get your tires at the track the day of the race.....They will sale more tires and I bet a tester or two now.

Don't get me wrong...We will still be there and it looks like with the help of a couple of sponsor coming on board we Might get to run all the Nationals.....It should be fun....Hey atleast all the "Tires guys" will still have jobs....LOL


Friday, September 22, 2006

Well....Had a good time at Blueridge.

We didn't finish all the well...Ran 2nd in the heat and 7th out of 12 in the main....Kart was pretty good and Devin did a good job behind the wheel....He did have a run in with a tire...LOL I was really impressed with the track and the way it was ran....It is small and real tight....No room for error on this track and there ain't enough run off room. From what I hear this is the last year that Blueridge will be open....They sold the land the track is built on....The owner of the track is supposed to be looking for somewhere else to build a new track....I hope he makes it wider and builds in plenty of run off room.....The pits were full....I don't know how he will get all the trailers in for the 3rd Annual Thunder in the Mountains that is going to be held there Sept. 30th....We will be at Jimmy's building the new Animal and trying to get more power out of our old flathead.....See flyer below for info on the upcomming money race at Blueridge.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Headed to Blueridge to race tomorrow.....

I wish Dexter wasn't 3 hours away....Mr. Carl really knows how to run a track....$100 extra to the winner in any class with 5 or more karts and get this....The track opens for practice at Noon....Racing starts at 6:00 pm. U can't ask for better than that...We will be down that way before the year is up.

This will be our first time back at Blueridge since the second time Devin ever hit the track.....See pics below they were taken that day.....

From what I hear Blueridge is a one groove track with not much run-off-room....? I hope I heard wrong but I don't think so...I trust the info I got. I'm looking forward to the race and hope Devin does me proud....It's there points race and he will drive them as clean as he is driven or he will park the kart. Sounds like we will need soft HT3' are rollin' downstairs as I type...LOL

We need all the practice we can get at diferent tracks....Wish us luck....!!!!!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Dexter track pics.....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

For some reason it seems like it just changed....

Our luck that is....Just found this.....See below....

Speedway Dirt Series:
December 28 - 30:
Volusia Speedway Park, Florida

April 20 - 22:
Margarettsville Speedway, North Carolina

June 8 - 10:
Low Country Kartway, South Carolina - GN

August 10 - 12:
Beechnut Raceway, Tennessee

Sept 14 - 16:
Dexter Raceway, Georgia

That is the 2007 WKA National Dirt Series schedule...

Not sure why but it did....I could just feel it. We may only run the first one, but it helps with most being close...Except Margarettsville that one ain't too close.


Luck.......Is there anything to it.....?

All I know is mine is BAD....If I watch or listen to a Braves game they loose...Seems if we go to the track we loose...I can't help but watch. It just kinda pisses me off....Some say U make your own luck in racing by busting your ass in the shop....Well that is a lie...Cause we busted ours and got it handed to us at 24 Raceway. I guess every race team goes thru hard times and we have had more than our share since the end of July.

24 Raceway was a decent track just very sandy and I throw everything I could think of at it set-up wise and could keep the kart under him....I hope it's not something with the new chassis....We will find out at NGMS this weekend....If we can't run competitively up there then something is wrong. I worked on tires last night and we will re-scale the kart tonight and work on tires some more....On the up side we didn't break anything at 24 and the new generator ran like a dream.

I just needed to rant a little....