Friday, August 31, 2007

I just re-read my post about going to Dexter....

Man was I wrong....Track held together very well even on Sunday....Never even had to get the blower out....This is gonna be one fast ass track for the last National....It would be scary fast if it was an open tire rule race....The Vega's are the tire of choice and with the right prep I feel they could be 2 to 3 tenths faster....I think Stocklite pole will be around 12.70 if the track is good.....That means we have about 1/2 second to pick up....Not sure how much faster the track will be.....I hope 3 or 4 tenths...If so that will put us real close....Atleast much better than our first National last Christmas.....I know the gearing....Devin knows the track. I hope to have a good run at the Nationals. Here is a pic I took Sunday....
One lap around Dexter Kart track..... from Brian Wheeler on Vimeo.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Got the short block done....

Still got some head work to do and the set up the valves....Looks like we may have to go up to NGMS to get some laps in on the motor...Jimmy's dyno is down and I ain't going to the National with a motor that hasn't atleast been on the dyno....We are really looking forward to going back to Dexter.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

It blew....

So did our night at the track....Rod broke about lap 42....I can say this much atleast he stayed with it.

We were about 3 tenths off the pace....22 karts started the 50 lap Animal 360 race at NGMS and only 10 were still on the track when the rod just couldn't take any more of the bouncing coming out of 4....He was pretty good in 1&2....I think our tires were too soft....we decided to grid them and see if we could get some of the prep out of them....It worked....Qualified with a 12.90 turned a 12.62 in the race....Leaders were turning high 12.20's--low 12.30's.....We seem to always be 3 tenths slow at NGMS.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some videos from Dexter Kart Track.....

Practice lap the Sunday after....

Dexter kart track.....Animal 360 1st heat.

Dexter kart track.....Animal 360 2nd heat.

Dexter kart track.....Animal 360 feature race.

I'm not sure what race this was.....?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Look out Dexter here we come...

Leaving at 10:00 am headed to Dexter to get some practice in for the up coming National....Looking forward to meeting a few fellow 4cycle members and making some laps....Mr. Carl is going to let us practice Sunday to....We will be there bright and early.....It's gonna be HOT.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Ga State frame....

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Getting ready for Dexter......

Trying to find a motel to stay in....We are going to stay overnight at Dexter the weekend of Aug. 11th and practice on Sunday....Too far to drive and just get one night in....We owe a big THANK YOU to Mr. Carl for letting us run some on Sunday. We should have a pretty good idea of set-up and should really only need fine tuning with the HT5's....Biggest question is how much grip will we have to get with set-up with the T5's.....? I can free it up but I think we will have to tighten it up....? I expect the track to get dusty/sandy for the National and need more grip...I think after the win at North Ga for the State race we have proved that we can tighten-up a Falcon...Question will be...How much is too much....? It's funny having to set it up to be slow in order to turn better lap times....? I know it just doesn't add up....But there is times that it works.